Crystal Glass Shisha Hookah Bowl <br> NM-6006

Crystal Glass Shisha Hookah Bowl

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  • Product Code NM-6006
  • EXQUISITE HOOKAH BOWL SET : Crystal glass hookah bowl with matching stainless steel heat management system and screen,the charcoal pot has been specially optimized for the dimensions of the head, they are fit perfectly. Just need to put your favorite tobacco in the bowl and burn the charcoal.
  • INNOVATIVE MATERIALS HOOKAH BOWL:The glass hookah bowl is made up of borosolicate that's more heat resistant than any other type of glass.So it will not have any thermal shock which is important when you put in coconut coals in this right.
  • PRATICAL HOOKAH HEAD:The hookah head set really makes heat management easy. It gives you a very wide margin of heat to work with before you risk scorching your shisha.So you're not likely to burn your shisha, it does kind of make the flavor "cleaner",it also won't absorb any odors! You can get a better smoking sessions.
  • PERFECT DESIGN: There is a handle on the hot pan for easy installation and removal. Avoid scalding your hands when using.Using high-quality crystal glass,so it looks very beautiful.
  • ADVANTAGE:Compared to traditional glass bowls, It is more likely to maintain the original flavor of the tobacco without the appearance of gummy and burnt flavors. It is non-toxic,so it won't cause any harm to our is easy to clean, just rinse with running water.