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Hookahs are popular among people these days. Adults are fond of hookah, but youngsters also have a great interest in smoking through a hookah. It has become a trend as you see hookahs were not common at homes, there were specific places where it was available, and people had to travel there to fulfill their desire. But now, hookahs are openly accessible at houses and bars to quench their thirst for smoking. To see the demand for the product, online stores are readily facilitating the products to their customers.

Hookah can be utilized with various smoking agents such as tobacco, shisha, or charcoal. All these agents are accessible in tasty and numerous flavors, and users can use them according to their needs. The acrylic cup hookah is small, lightweight equipment convenient to port here and there. One more benefit of cleaning the kit is washing it to maintain the equipment tidy. Its metallic charcoal holder keeps the product durable, and the addition of the hot agent would not damage it. The construction and body of the hookah are of sturdy material that is unbreakable, and the user feels convenient in portability. The main factor in buying hookah is the ensurance of portability. If a product has made a protective layer that provides ease in handling, then it is suitable for traveling, and one can use it for their need extravagantly. The hookah is available in 4 different variants; users choose the product according to their color selection. It is also an applauding feature of the acrylic cup hookah small.

  • Metallic charcoal holder.
  • Washable product.
  • The robust construction and handheld design make it portable convenient.

Material: Acrylic

Package Contains:

  • 1X Hookah Set
  • 1X Hose

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