Portable Travel ACRYLIC CUP LED HOOKAH <br> NM26s


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  • Product code : NM26s
  • Modern square HOOKAH: made of transparent acrylic with a magical multi-color LED base, this hookah can be used for decoration and smoking pleasure, and can provide entertainment for later life.
  • The Entire Hookah Set: an almost unbreakable light hookah, and other included accessories: silencer, acrylic tube, carbon clip, silica gel horn, metal carbon partition, acrylic tobacco bowl, hookah hose!
  • PERFECT SHISHA SMOKING:Big Cloud, Pulls beautifully. Easy to Assemble, Disassemble, Clean, & Store Away - Perfect for Home or for Travel
  • UPGRADED HOOKAH SHISHA: Easy heating control: Air vents can be opened when it starts to get harsh, and closed again for more heat to your hookah shisha.
  • A beautiful modern hookah , made of acrylic , Amazing LED Hookah Design.